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Support Our Students

Our student expeditions and research internships are only possible with your help. 


Typically, the students doing benchmark studies can pay only half the cost of their time on board the Endeavour. The other half needs to be covered by grants and donations from people like you. Similarly, we need to offset the costs of our interns. Our Earth needs more scientists, and more scientifically literate influencers in this coming generation. You can make a difference.


Student scientists in Kukak Bay.

Recurring Membership

Our posts in the Captain's Log are one way we share the work and adventures of our students and researchers. Your membership keeps the posts coming and the Endeavour afloat! $10 monthly. 

One-Time Donatation 

Your one-time gift will go directly to supporting our students and their life-changing work. Every gift matters.

Sponsor an Expedition

Match the students' own contribution to their work on the Endeavour. Contact us for details on specific expeditions and the matching donations the students need. 

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