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Research Charters

We take the Endeavour wherever you need to go in maritime Alaska. The boat has a range of 3,000 nautical miles and we've run expeditions from Misty Fjords in the south to north of the Arctic Circle.


The boat sleeps seven plus two crew and can stay out for a month or more. See the Ship​ page for details on the boat and its equipment. 

Our season generally runs from mid-March to mid-November, although we've done mid-winter expeditions in the protected waters of Southeast.

If we can bring student interns on the expedition, we ask that you work with them in a mentorship relationship. The cost of the interns is covered by donations.


To ask about chartering the Endeavour, click on the button below.

Whenever possible, we invite high school juniors and seniors to join our expeditions as interns. Typically, interns are introduced to the researchers well in advance of the expedition and are given a reading list. On the expedition, they help do whatever needs to be done.  After the expedition, we ask them to write a short report on the researcher's work in general and on the expedition specifically.


Coming expeditions with spots open for interns are listed on the Expeditions page. To inquire about internships on the Endeavour, click on the button below.


Owl study, Kodiak Island


Walrus on Round Island


Gray whale fluke, Nunivak Island 

Screenshot 2023-12-18 103310.jpg

Using drones to monitor humpbacks in Frederick Sound


Whale bones on St Lawrence Island


Searching for hyrdophones in Kotzebue Sound

2021 Lost Coast Thumb 2.jpg

Crabs in concretions, Prince William Sound


Crab in Skelikof Strait

Kotzebue hydrophone crew 2023.JPG

Marine mammal crew above the Arctic Circle

Bear in 2006 and 2021 with Dr. Bruce Molnia (Dilles).JPG

Documenting glacial retreat, Kenai Fjords

2022 River bank - tobias.jpg

Exploring the Spiridon River, north side of Kodiak Island

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