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College Expeditions

Alaska Endeavour -- in partnership with the Institute for Field Research -- runs 12-day expeditions for college students (18 or more years old) led by an accomplished scientist. The mission of each expedition is specific and different. It could be volcanoes in the Aleutians, birds on Afognak, bears in Katmai, walruses in the Bering Sea, fossils on the Lost Coast, or something else entirely.



Each expedition has a week-long online class before boarding the Endeavour for the field work. Students earn college credits for the expedition.

As with our other student expeditions, students in teams of two are responsible for specific tasks: galley duty (cooking and cleanup), deck duty (fenders, lines, maintenance), and watch duty (weather and tide check, helm watch, and logbook). The teams rotate through the different duties every three days.


The captain is Bill Urschel, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed 100-ton master. The Endeavour has been designated a research vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Students sign up online with the Institute for Field Research. Click on a botton below for the expedition of your choice. 

Our college expeditions for the 2024 season are:

Glacier Change & Landscape Evolution

  • July 7-13 online, July 16-27 onboard

  • Instructor: Dr. Bruce Molnia

  • Credits: 6 semester (12 quarter)


Depart from Glacier Bay (Gustavus airport) arrive Cordova (Prince William Sound).​

Paleontology of the Lost Coast

  • August 26 – 30 online. September 2-13 onboard

  • Instructor: Dr. Paul Murphey

  • Credits 6 semester (12 quarter)


Depart Cordova (Prince William Sound) arrive Juneau.

For advance notice on future expeditions, sign up for our Captain's Log.

Bear in 2006 and 2021 with Dr. Bruce Molnia (Dilles).JPG

Dr. Bruce Molnia monitoring glaciers

Lost Coast Paleo square.jpg

A desmostylian fossil found on the Lost Coast


Listening to whales in the Arctic


WIldflowers at Kujulik Bay

Research Vessel.jpg

The Endeavour is a designated research vessel

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