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The Endeavour

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The Endeavour in Galena Bay, Prince William Sound, 2021 (Photo: P Murphey) 

The Endeavour was built in 1954 for the U.S. Army. She is 72 feet long with a draft of 6 feet and a beam of 17 feet. The hull is welded Corten steel, with a full displacement of 100 tons and a range of  1,750 nautical miles. She is a stout little ship.

Wheel - Small.JPG

Pilot House

Salon - Small.JPG

Salon and Galley

The boat accommodates up to eight guests plus two crew.  There are three bunk rooms and two heads, both with showers. 

_IMG_0587 small.JPG

Master Stateroom

The walk-around engine room includes the main engine, two diesel generators, a tool bench, arc welder, air compressor, a desalinator, and a full-sized washer-dryer. 


There is a 1-ton crane on the top deck. 

The Endeavour carries two shore boats: a 13.5-foot jet boat for getting up rivers and a 14-foot Zodiac-style boat with a standard propellor outboard. It also carries two kayaks, with room for two more. There is a hot-water washdown on the main deck.

The ground tackle is a 250-pound Navy stockless anchor with 600 feet of 1/2-inch chain, backed up by a second 100-pound Navy stockless. 

For open-ocean work, the boat has paravane stabilizers to reduce rolling in adverse seas, and a parachute anchor for over-nighting offshore.

Bunk Room - Small.JPG

Bunk Stateroom

Engine Room - Small.JPG

Engine Room Access

Electronics include multiple GPS receivers, chart plotters, radios, a radar, a 2000-foot sonar, autopilot, and a subsystem that monitors all tanks, temperatures, batteries, and electrical use.  When needed, the boat can tow side-scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, and other equipment. 

Safety equipment includes immersion suits for all hands, a life raft, and satellite communications.

True to her mission as a research vessel, this little ship is named the Endeavour, after Captain James Cook's ship on his first voyage of discovery to the South Pacific in 1768.

For a history of this Endeavour, click here.

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