Alaska Endeavour

Natural History Expeditions

RV Endeavor

Alaska Endeavour hosts natural history expeditions anywhere in Alaska on our historic 72-foot research vessel the Endeavour.

Our clients include archeologists, paleontologists, biologists, geologists, ornithologists, anthropologists, glaciologists, artists, film crews, historians, and other researchers from universities, museums, non-profits, and government agencies.

Our clients also include high school and college students in teams of up to six, plus a faculty member.

For researchers and students who cannot afford the full cost of an expedition, some financial assistance may be available. Let us know.

We publish our expeditions in our Ship's Log and elsewhere. Our mission is to support science and education, helping researchers tell the natural history story. We believe science and education lead to conservation and preservation. We believe the more we all understand our natural world the more we appreciate it, and the more we appreciate it the better we’ll protect it.

Alaska Endeavour, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, operates on expedition fees and on grants and donations. Our public educational work would not be possible without these grants and the support of our members.  

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The Endeavour in Egg Harbor, Coronation Island, on the search for the wreck of the Star of Bengal.
Drone photography by Sean Adams,

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