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Alaska Endeavour

Natural History Expeditions

RV Endeavor

Alaska Endeavour is a 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to support science and education and conservation and preservation. People protect places they know and care about. 

We accomplish our mission by hosting natural history expeditions anywhere in maritime Alaska on our historic 72-foot research vessel the Endeavour.

We run 12-day expeditions for student groups, who do a census of a remote wilderness location and then write and publish a benchmark study as a professional paper. The scientific and conservation communities receive the data, and the students have an experience that will change their lives, and earn them an author credit.

We also host archeologists, paleontologists, biologists, geologists, ornithologists, anthropologists, botanists, glaciologists, artists, film crews, historians, and other researchers from universities, museums, non-profits, and government agencies on expeditions of their own design.  

Visit our expeditions page for details. Also, we invite you to subscribe to our free Captain’s Log to follow along on our adventures.

The Endeavour in Egg Harbor, Coronation Island, on the search for the wreck of the Star of Bengal.
Drone photography by Sean Adams,

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