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At Alaska Endeavour, we host natural history and related expeditions on our historic 72-foot research vessel the Endeavour throughout maritime Alaska. We then publish the results of these expeditions in reports, photos, and videos here on our site and elsewhere.

Alaska Endeavour believes that the more we all understand and appreciate the science of nature and the Alaskan wilderness, the more we’ll support its conservation and preservation. 

Past expeditions have measured the effect of global warming on glaciers on the Kenai Peninsula, expanded the fossil record of historical climate change on the Lost Coast, checked the health of humpbacks in Sitka Sound, found an important shipwreck off Coronation Island, and taken the temperature of salmon streams in Tenakee Inlet.  Upcoming expeditions will count breeding sea birds in the Aleutians, track brown bears on Admiralty Island, document sustainable fishing in Prince William Sound, and film a walrus haul-out in the Bering Sea.

Alaska Endeavour, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, operates on expedition fees and on grants and donations.  Our public educational work would not be possible without these grants and the support of our members.

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The Endeavour in Egg Harbor, Coronation Island, on the search for the wreck of the Star of Bengal.
Drone photography by Sean Adams,

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