Alaska Endeavour

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RV Endeavor

Alaska Endeavour supports scientists and others in exploring the nature, history, and culture of Alaska, and helps those people tell their stories. We believe the more people know about wild and native Alaska, the more they will be inclined to preserve it.  Understanding leads to conservation.  

Animals in their habitat

Alaska Endeavour hosts scientists – archeologists, paleontologists, biologists, glaciologists, ornithologists, and others – on the Endeavour, its historic 72-foot research vessel, running expeditions up and down the Alaska coast, into its narrow fjords and around its thousands of islands. We help share the science here on our site on the expedition’s page, in our published log, and in live webinars.

Starting in 2022, the Endeavour crew will be visiting with residents – researchers, fishermen, artists, citizen-scientists, and others – filming interviews about their life and work, and their unique perspective on Alaska’s wilderness. 

The ultimate purpose of all of this is to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of – and its desire to preserve – Alaska’s nature, history, and cultures.  

Alaska Endeavour offers an answer to, “why should I care?”