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These videos are lectures and webinars, all related directly to one or more of Alaska Endeavour's expeditions. All are free to view, just click on the title. 

The Search for the Star of Bengal

The Star of Bengal was a 264-foot schooner that sank off Coronation Island, Alaska, on September 20, 1908. The ship was heading back to San Francisco, full of canned salmon and laborers from the cannery at Wrangell. In the middle of the night, the weather picked up and the ship broke on the rocks and sank.  Of the 27 white crewmen, 15 died. Of the 110 laborers – most of them Chinese – all died except one. Alaska Endeavour assembled a team to find and document the wreck: Ray Troll, an artist, raconteur, and musician from Ketchikan; Shawn Dilles, a retired government analyst; Jenya Anichenko, a marine archeologist; Gig Decker, commercial fisherman and diver; Sean Adams, a drone pilot; Tessa Hulls, a writer and artist, and Bill and Patsy Urschel, captain and crew of the Endeavour. The expedition secured all the necessary permits and it carried the flag of the Explorers Club. This video is the expedition report, delivered live from the salon on the Endeavour on May 13, 2022, the morning we returned to Wrangell. Length 1:00:23.


Warm Ice

This is a video of Dr. Molnia's presentation to the Alaska Endeavour members on glaciers, his rephotgraphy technique, and his 2021 expedition with Alaska Endeavour in particular. He includes many then-and-now photos of disappearing ice and comments on its cause and what its disappearance means for the Earth. Length 55:36.

Marine Mammals of the World: Pinnipeds - Odobenidae

Dr. Lara Horstmann is the Chair of the Department of Marine Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She teaches a class, “Marine Mammals of the World,” and has given us permission to link to her lecture on walruses here. Length 32:32.

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