This non-public page is a summary for our scientist friends of what we do.

Alaska Endeavour is a member-supported non-profit corporation that hosts natural history expeditions in Alaska on board our research vessel Endeavour.  

Each expedition is a week or two long and is led by a scientist.  Typically, the lead invites a few colleagues, sometimes a mix of scientists, historians, artists, and others.  Four or five expedition members, plus crew, is optimal.

Every mission needs to have a clear, easily communicated mission, something of interest to our subscribers and sponsors.  We are, after all, inviting them to come along with us, virtually speaking, and help support the expedition and our publication of the results. 


The purpose of all this is to advance science, share our appreciation of it, and spread the desire to preserve Alaska’s wilderness, history, and cultures. This is science – and adventure – in the service of conservation.

We ask that all expedition members:

  • Share their photos and videos of the trip with us for publication and participate in any audio or video recordings. We give everyone a chance to object to any material before it is released.  We also respect any confidentiality or similar requirements a member’s employer or home institution may have.

  • Participate in any online forum we set up for the expedition.  This is an important way we share the undertaking with our sponsors and others. Forums open during the preparation phase of an expedition and close soon after the end.

  • Sign a release before boarding.

  • Cover their own pro-rata food and fuel costs.  This typically runs about $500 per person per week. We also ask that you cover your own travel to and from the boat.    

Our season runs from April through October. Weather is always the big variable, especially at the start and end of the season, and safety comes first. We all must be ready to accommodate changes.

We’re looking forward to having you on board.  Please reach out with any questions.



Bill Urschel
(907) 650-7149