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Steller's Journal of the Sea Voyage from Kamchatka to America 1741-1742 Golder, ed (1925)

Georg Steller was a German naturalist and doctor serving under Vitus Bering, a Dane, sailing for the Russian crown in 1741 and 1742.  Their ships stopped briefly on Kayak Island on the Lost Coast of Alaska, and Steller – the first European known to have set foot on the west coast of North America -- had just 10 hours to observe and collect before being ordered back aboard for the return trip.  He never made it home, but his name lives on in the animals he described, including the Steller Jay, Steller Sea Lion, and Steller Sea Cow.  This PDF download is Steller’s own journal, translated in 1925. Steller was a frustrated man and is, often, unintentionally hilarious.  This is a fun read.

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