Book Your Own Expedition

How it Works

Thanks for your interest in booking the Endeavour for your expedition.  Here is a summary of how we work:

What We Do

Alaska Endeavour is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that runs the research vessel Endeavour anywhere on the Alaska coast, up its fjords, and around its islands.  We host scientists, researchers, and others on expeditions, and publish the results of our expeditions through our website and elsewhere.  

Your Research

Since the Endeavour is a research vessel certified by the US Coast Guard, your mission needs to have some research purpose.  See our website for examples of past expeditions.


Many of our expeditions are hard science.  Some aren’t. But they all need a research or education component.  This rules out simple eco-tourism.  But bird watching fulfills the mission if you submit a list of our sightings to Audubon. So does whale watching if you photograph their flukes and submit them to, a tracking database. So do photo expeditions if you document a wild place and publish the photos. Commercial nature cinematography is a natural for us.  

To further our science and education mission, we ask that after your expedition you allow us to share a portion of your work in some fashion -- or at least our own photos and report -- through our website, emails, and social media. 

We leave it up to you or your team leader to secure any necessary permits with federal, state, or tribal entities, including fishing licenses.

Team Size

We have two staterooms available, one with a queen-sized bed and another with two separate bunks.  We can also sleep two people on the bench seats in the salon.  So, four is a good number, but six works.

We provide bedding for the two suites and towels.  Anyone using the bunks in the salon should bring a sleeping bag.


The boat comes equipped as described elsewhere on our website and includes two shore boats, two kayaks, and fishing gear for off-hours. 

We’ll likely be able to accommodate any specialized equipment you may need to bring.


There are typically two crew, the captain (Bill Urschel) and one other. We provide meals and snacks. Alcohol is BYOB.  We have a small dog on board, who lets us know when there are bears about.

Air Travel

You arrange your own transportation to the pickup and from the drop-off points.  We can advise you on airlines and charter planes.


Cost is determined by the number of people, the duration, and the distance covered on your expedition. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll give you a quote.


A non-refundable deposit equal to half of the quote is required at the time of booking, with the balance due upon arrival at the drop-off location.

Because Alaska Endeavour is a non-profit operation, a portion of your fee may be taken as a tax-deductible donation: check with your accountant.