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Alaska Endeavour

Natural History Expeditions

RV Endeavor

The Endeavour in Icy Bay with Mt St Elias at 18,008 feet in the background

Alaska Endeavour is a nonprofit organization, supporting science, education, conservation, and preservation.  We host natural history expeditions in Alaska on our research vessel, Endeavour, for high school, college, and professional researchers.


  • For high school students, we take groups of six (and a teacher) from the same school to a remote wilderness location for a 12-day benchmark study, after which the students write and publish a professional paper. The scientific community and conservation organizations get the data, and the students get an author credit.

  • For college students, we partner with a research scientist and the Institute for Field Research to take six students from various schools out for research in that scientist's specialty (after a week-long, online course). The students earn college credit for their work.

  • For professional researchers -- archeologists, paleontologists, biologists, geologists, ornithologists, anthropologists, botanists, glaciologists, artists, film crews, historians, and others -- we take them to do their work anywhere in maritime Akaska, from Southeast to the Arctic.


As a nonprofit, our high school and college student expeditions are made possible only with financial support from people like you. To see how you can help, see Support.

The Endeavour in Egg Harbor, Coronation Island

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